The Cost of Car Speaker Installation

The Cost of Car Speaker Installation

Are you tired and bored with the sound system in your car, you always get bored when driving. When you hear your favorite song and turn up the volume boring sounds coming from your speakers just seem to have ruined you song. Then waste no time and go install new systems that perfectly fit you. Don’t worry about the cost because it’s not that expensive. When you visit a professional installer he will first guide you to what type of sound system you like. Every system has a price of its own. Some installation companies offer their different types of speaker systems this are; component speakers, full range best car speakers and coaxial speakers.

  • Coaxial speakers have a driver and a tweeter.
  • Component speakers which are one of the best have a woofer and separate tweeters
  • Lastly full range type of speakers has tweeter and a woofer. The tweeter is for produces high-pitched sound while the woofer is to produce low sounds.

When it comes to cost, as I said it is not that high, because it can go to as low as $100, depend on the work and type of speaker.

At some installation companies you can get a sub woofer and kenwood dpx500bt for as low as $37 if bought separately but if you buy a full system it goes to around $300 to several thousands of dollars. Also, if you are buying two speakers it will cost you an average of $80 plus installation fee. Usually most car owners spend much more to satisfy the ears. Also you should know that installation of systems goes with time the much work done and time consumed leads to more money paid, because putting a system in a car requires taking apart your car door. Most of the professional installers’ starts are expensive so that means you’ll have to dig a little dip when it comes to paying. That’s why most of the customers pay to as high as $1000. Other car owners end up installing sound systems on their own due to the prices

If you doing it yourself I will guide you to how you can do it with the average prices.

  • Install a receiver who coaxial speakers which cost about $400
  • If you want you can add component speakers at the front and move the coaxial speakers to the back which costs about $200
  • Add two best shallow mount sub woofer and an enclosure which cost about $100
  • Then add a mono amp to power the sub which cost $300 plus cables.
    So there you have it when choosing a sound system be careful, sometimes you will have to spend more to get what you’ll enjoy.